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Separate Account Investment Manager

"Relative Value Partners' mission is to provide outstanding service and excellent performance at a fair price. We treat client assets as if they were our own"
- Maury Fertig & Bob Huffman, Founding Partners

Managing Portfolios $1MM and above

Relative Value Partners (RVP) is a SEC registered investment advisor that manages customized discretionary accounts for wealthy families and small institutions. RVP believes that asset allocation is the most critical component of a portfolio's total return and we work with clients to find a strategy that fits their financial needs and risk tolerance. RVP was founded in 2004 by Maury Fertig and Bob Huffman. Maury, Bob and the rest of the professional team have over 100 years of combined investment experience and continue to invest a part of their personal assets alongside RVP's clients.

About Relative Value Partners

Relative Value Partners was founded in 2004 as an SEC registered investment advisor by Maury Fertig and Bob Huffman. Maury and Bob bring an institutional methodology to high net worth individuals, family offices and small institutions.

The Relative Value Partners' name stems from the institutional approach of staying fully invested in the market at all times, but selecting the asset classes and sectors that offer the best relative value. RVP believes that markets are mean reverting over time. As such, RVP looks for asset classes or sectors that are currently trading at historically low valuations. RVP can be characterized as a multi-cap manager with a go anywhere style. We build extremely well diversified portfolios using a disciplined investment approach. RVP's niche is closed-end funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) where it is constantly looking for mean reversion opportunities.